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Welcome to the Slayer Nest, RuneScape's top Community Clan!  The only requirement we have is remaining active.  Now time for a little back story...

The Slayer Nest originated from a small group of friends in 2008 that shared a common interest in training Slayer, and since creation has developed into a thriving tight-knit community where help is given, conversation is light, and friendships are made.

We host events that range from skilling parties, to Castle Wars, to Raids, or even Clan v. Clan competitions.  If you would like to set up or coordinate events, feel free to contact a rank.

We aim to create a environment where you can chat with other mature players, coordinate bossing runs, or to just kick back and enjoy the fun!  If that sounds like a good fit to you, we'd love to welcome you into our family!

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