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Welcome Back

"Join Us Individuals With 100+ Combat. We Host Daily Events, Clan Wars, And More."

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We are a clan that is based on both f2p and p2p. We do quite alot of things, Events,God wars, other pvm, clan wars, rated clan wars, and more. We are a relaxed community striving to make our experience on Runescape more fun while in this clan. We do clan wars very often as quite a few of our leaders and members are well known at clan wars (world 141). Please contact Clw king or On killer4 if you would like to join. Thank you. We are currently recruiting 100+.

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HiImDylann HiImDylann Owner
[#69ZZJYWMC] [#69ZZJYWMC] Admin
3spooky5meh 3spooky5meh Lieutenant
HiredHitman HiredHitman Corporal
Knight99224 Knight99224 Corporal
Mtf11 Mtf11 Corporal
[#QBL14CRVU] [#QBL14CRVU] Corporal
A1RxJ0RD4N23 A1RxJ0RD4N23 Corporal
[#ICLTCHQP5] [#ICLTCHQP5] Corporal
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