morning dawn

morning dawn

"we never die , we just respawn"

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Greetings Adventurers,

Welcome to the official information page for Morning Dawn. If you have made your way to this page you are likely considering becoming a part of our community. If you are searching for a community that offers a mature and friendly atmosphere, with a zero drama policy, that focuses on enjoyment, friendship, and citadel benefits, then you have  come to the right place.
Mostly we chat in clan chat and offer each other our knowledge of the game. At most times someone will be on and will know the answer to whatever may be the question. We get together sometimes to form small skilling parties or do a daily distractions together.

Morning Dawn, while very old, is starting over my husband and i took a few years off when our youngest was born.
 We require you visit our citadel each week  and we require you cap at our citadel each week to go up in clan rank.
any questions just ask.
Thank you -  Queen Haffie

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