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One of the most organized and prosperous clans of Runescape is The 72 Clan. The Clan was founded on July 26, 2011, and since then, its leaders and members have helped it flourish within the community. They aim to nurture as many productive people as possible, and to establish one of the most organized clans on Runescape.

The main goal of the clan is to help all clan members enjoy Runescape. They help each other in every situation, provide assistance when required and help all members enjoy the game to the utmost of their potential.

Our clan does not require capping and offers everyone the potential to rank up by being helpful, keeping the clan chat active, capping, and long term clan activity.

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72 72 Owner
Ebramá72 Ebramá72 Deputy Owner
Spirals Spirals Deputy Owner
CarlosáDx CarlosáDx Overseer
Claárk Claárk Overseer
IcyáPid IcyáPid Organiser
EláDiablo EláDiablo Organiser
SadáRyan SadáRyan Organiser
Ross905 Ross905 Admin
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