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Angelic Upheaval

"++ Pride, Discipline & Honour ++"

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A warm welcome to Angelic Upheaval, an international english-speaking community clan! Founded 26th July 2011 and initially known as Soul Grandeur by a few ranked members from both the official Singapore Clan Chat "Sg" and a private Friend Chat "Phantomgalz", the clan provides the perfect platform for closer bonds to be forged between friends from the original 2 Friend Chats.

Our clan activities centers around PvM (Boss Hunting), clan member initiated event (99s/Drop Parties, minigames & Amazing Race) in addition to the construction of the Clan Citadel.

Currently recruiting, the clan is open to P2P players and has no entry requirements. F2P players are strictly by invitation.

The clan's activities centers around GMT +8 timings and thus all interested applicants should take note. Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to all new recruits! Official Clan World: 73 (Previous Home World: 70)

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Daisylsn Daisylsn Deputy Owner
Kawaiiz Kawaiiz Overseer
Cougarslash Cougarslash Overseer
TheCookie TheCookie Overseer
yeo yeo Overseer
Efferent Efferent Coordinator
FuryForeverz FuryForeverz Coordinator
YukariYakumo YukariYakumo Coordinator
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Author Thread Title Date
Hafiz880 Recruitment Thread 30-Dec-2018 07:12
MissáBra New Ranking System Proposal 30-Dec-2013 15:36
Kawaiiz Clan Rules 24-Dec-2011 18:06
Kawaiiz Invictus 24-Dec-2011 18:04
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