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Exp Waste

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Welcome to *EW*

We have no forms to fill out.. no membership requirements, however, a good attitude is necessary, along with a good sense of humour. Enjoy being in a clan without feeling like you're married to it.

Rules are in this cc; jagex rules, 0 tolerance to bots.. respect your fellow clanmates, if u can handle that, hop in.
You must type 3x/// to speak in chat as a guest , the cc is *exp waste*.

Our ranking system is also different.. unlike every clan out there.

We rank up 1 lvl every fri night/sat morning e.s.t.until gold star, we believe it cuts out the politics of the more known ranking systems out there.. no one is *more equal* than their next clanmate ALL become generals after 7 weeks.

Recruiting is currently closed unless you know someone here or get to know ppl by sitting in cc for 1 week.

Team *EW*

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