Fish Flingers

Fish Flingers

"Come for the fish, stay for the xp"

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Our clan was founded by Ms(c)ptsledvr and Captslavedvr back in 2011, and before that, it had existed in a fc since March of 2010.
We have a maxed out tier 7 clan citadel and it resets every tuesday morning. Skilling there isn't mandatory, but you are more than welcome to get that awesome xp awaiting you there.

Our friends chat is called FishFlingers and we use it to host the D&D Fish Flingers. The games are run 24/7, 365 days a year. Our clan has a little over 300 members and we are always looking for good people to join us. Our only requirements are being a Runescape member and having 1500 total. We are family friendly clan and have very few rules.

The rules that we do have are listed on our official forums page 'Fish Flingers v2' under the 'Recruitment - Social & Community Clans' section of the forums. We also run many other fun events. From xp and skilling contests, that can yield you a lot of money to general bossing, skilling and various other things.

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