Force of War

Force of War

"The World must learn of our Peaceful ways by Force. All Skill levels Welcome!"

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We Have:
A tier 7 Citadel;
A friendly clan Dragon;
A stable 7 year old Clan;
A Community/Social clan;
A friendly Clan Chat.

We're looking for:
Mature players looking for a social clan chat.
Willingness to help out your clan mates.

Accepting ANY Total Level
We're a variety of folk from around the globe. We do not tolerate drama between clan mates or guests in the clan chat. Heated arguments do not belong in the chat. If you notice a problem in the chat, please use the ignore list and  inform am overseer+ about the issue. We have a number of experienced players with numerous interests, feel free to drop by and say hi.

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Top Clanmates

Candyman Candyman Owner
NightSky NightSky Deputy Owner
Eáiáráiák Eáiáráiák Deputy Owner
007groudon 007groudon Deputy Owner
AngryShekels AngryShekels Deputy Owner
Ironically Ironically Overseer
Peut Peut Overseer
Olkocrt Olkocrt Coordinator
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NightSky Force of War 05-Jan-2020 05:56
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