The Knights Valiant

The Knights Valiant

"A clan forged in the days of yore by fire and mountains and canine fur."

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THE KNIGHTS VALIANT was founded on 18th April, 2011 by former members of the Warriors of Runescape, a clan which ran from 22nd October, 2003 to 19th February, 2006.

The overall tenor of the Knights Valiant Clan is friendly, enthusiastic and supportive. We welcome players who can help build that atmosphere. The Clan is member-driven rather than leader-driven.

The Knights Valiant is led by the High Council, a group of members appointed based on their genuine interest and ability. High Councillors collectively recruit and co-ordinate Clan activities and they are free to pursue their own projects, hold events or run group training sessions.

Non-Councillors are rewarded for their involvement in the Clan with other ranks, which are explained in a post on the Clan Forum.

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Hoodles Hoodles Deputy Owner
Dynoxos Dynoxos Captain
Del Prat Del Prat Captain
Deztino Deztino Corporal
[#43OIKB0N4] [#43OIKB0N4] Corporal
EmiláSylstad EmiláSylstad Corporal
DráPlatypi DráPlatypi Corporal
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OldáRadagast Clan Rules and Ethos 04-Aug-2011 17:52
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