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Welcome to the Ancient Kingdom....

Hello to all,  I am Sassynet your Clan Owner
I would like to introduce you to Ancient Kingdom. This clan is primarily comprised of RuneScape Members with few exceptions of non members

We are currently recruiting and looking for people who are fun, polite, to add excitement and new ideas to make this clan more eventful and fun.

There is no restriction to combat level, all RuneScape Members Welcome.

Ancient Kingdom members pride themselves with a place for clean clan chat, politeness, and helping others whenever possible.  We like to talk,
hang out and have fun all of the time. The clan demeanor is laid back and very welcoming.

We look forward to meeting you and expanding our clan, and excited to hear your suggestions.

We have a few money earning possibilities within our clan, with members paid  a set fee weekly for Capping Resources in Our Citadel.

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Top Clanmates

Sassynet Sassynet Owner
Anc13nTáLady Anc13nTáLady Deputy Owner
Dragonszz52 Dragonszz52 Deputy Owner
RunesDove RunesDove Deputy Owner
LadyZaza LadyZaza Deputy Owner
Ghettomyzer Ghettomyzer Deputy Owner
Startazz Startazz Deputy Owner
lBarnacleBoi lBarnacleBoi Deputy Owner
b0rLmOrO b0rLmOrO Deputy Owner
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Author Thread Title Date
Sassynet AVATAR RULES !! 04-Jul-2017 18:25
Sassynet Yes!! We Do Have A Citadel !! 27-Apr-2016 19:22
Sassynet Ancient Kingdom Clan Rules !! 18-Oct-2015 22:29
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