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H'ere at Enlighten we try to keep a well oiled machine, try to keep up with all of our members, and focus on big points trying to make the clan successful. We try to contribute to our clan members as much as possible, although we do not give out money funds and/or items. We see this clan to create better opportunities for our members to socialize and have better skills/things then they had before. We believe that everyone has an opinion on everything so that they will never be left out. We feel that everyone is special in their own way, and that we support them no matter who or what they are.
We created this clan to socialize and skill (any skill) thus we try to keep it this way.

If you'd like to know us better as a community, you're more than welcome to embark on a journey with us and know our glory!

W82 clan, timezone GMT-5 (US E Coast), tier 7 cit, 3 ava wardens, active community etc.

Reqs: P2P

QFC: 93-94-286-65443789

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PvM - Boss 82 08-Jun-18 19:00
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Pera PUBLIC - Recruitment info 01-Mar-2017 21:28
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