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Welcome to Might of Honour!

We are a relaxed group of people who strive to make our clan a fun and enjoyable environment in which its members can flourish.
The main requirement for our clan is 2k total. Might of Honour wishes to go from strength to strength, building not only a clan but a family in which we can look to one another for help in all aspects of the game and make our time spent runescaping more fun especially when grinding those 99's/120's!

We are open to anyone interested in a friendly environment, whether you're a dedicated skiller, passionate quester, vicious PvM'er or simply wanting to chat and have fun - you are very welcome in this clan! Ranks are based on XP gained and/or capping in the citadel. Anyone inactive for long periods of time may be removed from the clan unless we have been notified in advance of possible inactivity and the length.

If you're interested in joining the family, feel free to drop by as a guest or private message any clan member! :)

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DanieláMoH DanieláMoH Owner
Groat100 Groat100 Deputy Owner
IrisháMan IrisháMan Deputy Owner
leápisk leápisk Overseer
j0keri j0keri Overseer
MissyLexie MissyLexie Overseer
Upsized Upsized Coordinator
ItsáPan ItsáPan Coordinator
s0á0n s0á0n Coordinator
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