The Godz Reaperz

The Godz Reaperz

"We Come, We Conquer, We Create........We Are Godz!"

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W elcome to The Godz Reaperz! We are a long retired Soul Wars clan, previously known as Xxdeathx/Soul Reapers. We stretched over several worlds for many years, eventually moving away from soul wars to open our doors to a greater variety of Runescape players. Our activities include D&D’s, skilling, Pvming, PvP and many others.

*130+ Combat and *2k+ Total
*T80 Armor or Superior Elite Void
*T85 Weapon and Up
*94 Herblore
*95 Prayer and Curses

Clan Ranking System:
*Recruit - New member
*Corporal - 5M+ xp
*Sergeant - 50M+ xp
*Lieutenant - 100M+ xp
*Captain - 250M+ xp
*General - 500M+ xp
*Administrator - Vouched for by 5+ higher ranks
*Organiser - Vouched for by 5+ higher ranks
*Coordinator - Vouched for by 5+ higher rank
*Overseer - Vouched for by 2+ Deputy Owner

We offer:
*Tier 7 Citadel
*Discord Server (Guests Welcome)
*Extremely Supportive Community

Complete an application on our RS Thread:
Quick find code: 92-93-319-66096466

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TalionisGodz TalionisGodz Owner
Tryedge1 Tryedge1 Deputy Owner
iUnique iUnique Deputy Owner
Gd3 Gd3 Deputy Owner
Bearpuff123 Bearpuff123 Deputy Owner
Kingsantiag0 Kingsantiag0 Deputy Owner
Trevmewee Trevmewee Deputy Owner
A Phylactery A Phylactery Overseer
oml jfc oml jfc Overseer
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Boxxybabe High Level Skilling 21-Jul-2015 05:00
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