Void Nation

Void Nation

"The eternally balanced clan of Guthix since 2001."

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% Balance Is Eternal
Established in 2001
15+ Years in RuneScape

# Join-Up
Contact the clan owner in-game for an invite or get one from a friend already in the clan. You can also request an invitation via our clan site.
Search Engines: Void Knight Nation


# In-Game Features
Clan Citadel (Guide: YouTube - /v/rwtD_z3BSrs)
Non-mandatory Events, Both Clan Sponsored and Suggested
Item, Skilling and Quest Support
More active chat than typical of most clans.

# Interactive Features
voidnation.boards.n3t (JAGeX Approved, see QFC code above) /4B5qDhA
facebook - /VoidNation
youtube - /VoidKnightNation

# Requirements
RS Membership (*You won't be expelled if you temporarily go F2P.)
Clan Loyalty
Semi-Active and Interactive

# Clan Help
s1.zetaboards - /VKN/pages/ranking
s1.zetaboards - /VKN/pages/rules

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Zyphix Zyphix Owner
Megawolf5 Megawolf5 Deputy Owner
Lukather Lukather Deputy Owner
Phenebock Phenebock Deputy Owner
Lowhar Lowhar Deputy Owner
ShaneTheBoss ShaneTheBoss Deputy Owner
Zyaxx Zyaxx Deputy Owner
PatáMetheny PatáMetheny Deputy Owner
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Zyphix The Void Directory 17-Jun-2020 02:12
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