420 Brothers

420 Brothers

"Crush a bit, Alot of it, Roll it up, Take a hit. Friendly clan join us for fun!"

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This is a clan for people who enjoy playing runescape while not taking it so seriously. As the name implies most of our members are involved in the pot smoking culture, and you may find us toking up in game all around the runescape world.

The founders of this clan are all veteran RS players with over 14 years experience! However we have been out of the game for quite some time and look forward to rediscovering all the joy and adventures runescape has to offer.

If you are interested in joining our clan your best bet is to find us hanging around the grand exchange or other populated or not so populated areas. This is an exclusive clan however and we do not allow everyone in. It is up to our disgression whether you be accepted or not. *clan acceptance is based upon the actual player themselves and not limited by skill levels or amount of money owned.*

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Flachulate Flachulate Owner
NightáRider NightáRider Deputy Owner
Ganjamonja Ganjamonja Deputy Owner
ColeHeller ColeHeller Deputy Owner
Rhothar Rhothar Deputy Owner
CloudStr1f7 CloudStr1f7 General
LythiumVice LythiumVice Captain
Cavewoman121 Cavewoman121 Sergeant
Sirr THC Sirr THC Sergeant
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