6th Age Outcasts

6th Age Outcasts

"Don't join our clan, join our family! Questions? Ask away!"

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A friendly clan thats constantly growing, 6th Age Outcasts is  a clan that strives for everyone in it to be happy. Whether you boss, slay, skill, pvp, merc*, flip, or quest; whatever your niche is; you are more than welcome here. You will find other players who do much of the same, and will be more than willing to help you out. Need help with a quest? Downing a certain boss? Soul Reaper assignment? Tips on pvp? Good things to alch? Or just how to get somewhere in general? Ask away.

--- Citadel ---
First, it is NOT mandatory to cap in the cit. However, if you want to rank up or participate in the lotto you must cap and post on the forum that you capped.

Every week we lotto one bond, sometimes well toss on 1 - 5m gold on top of the bond. The bond can be redeemed for membership, rune coins, or treasure hunter keys.  We also offer the gold value of a bond instead of the bond itself.

Please make sure to post in either the Citadel Lotto thread or the Ranks thread for lotto entry.

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