"9067, Enough Said."

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9067 clan was created in 10th April 2009 in the UK City:London.I started this clan with four members that had one simple dream: to make one massive group of players and be known all around RuneScape. I stepped up to the plate and started to get players to join left and right.  I offered each player that which no other clans offered before. I made them a single promise that I, as a leader, and all of us will make this once ago dream.. become reality.

We try to make every single person work hard in our clan to keep it at the top and above the rest. We do all skills and wars. Once you put on our colors "cape" your a part of the brotherhood and I welcome you to it..

WE are a mixed clan anyone can join the community from level 3 to 138!

Join us today make the dream a reality make alliances make a team!

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