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AIR has been up and running since August of 2009. Our clan was created to escape the growing trend of immaturity found across RS. Our clan offers a friendly and family like atmosphere for all players to enjoy with a mature mindset. Come and go as you please. There are no times in which you must be online; we all lead busy real lives! We are mainly a social clan but run occasional, totally optional events. Our favourite events include skill of the week competitions, penguins, bossing, minigames, and several other activities.

Interested in joining? Check out our clan chat today @ "AIR"!

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Thehunter7 Thehunter7 Deputy Owner
Lady Iron 17 Lady Iron 17 Coordinator
Leuli Leuli Organiser
Zareale Zareale Organiser
Flitabout Flitabout Organiser
Metophilis Metophilis Organiser
28g 28g Organiser
lima beanz lima beanz Organiser
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Party 59 30-Jun-19 19:00
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