"It is Destiny that brought us together in AfterLife."

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elcome to AfterLife!

Home World: 100

Requirements to join:
A total level of 1500+ (any Combat Level).
A vow to actively participate in conversations.
An obligation to aid in the management and upkeep of the Clan Citadel once a week.

AFTERLIFE'S promotions are alternatively based on how active and helpful you are to the clan as a whole, or the number of times a member reaches their resource limit at the Clan Citadel:
Recruit - Corporal: 1 Cap
Corporal - Sergeant: 3 Cap
Sergeant - Lieutenant: 5 Caps
Lieutenant - Captain: 7 Caps
Captain - General: 9 Caps

NOTE to all current and prospective Clan members:
It is vital the Clan Citadel's upkeep is maintained, as its strength represents the strength of the Clan as a whole, and is also 'incredibly' beneficial to your personal avatar's success.
Please ensure that you visit the Clan Forums on a regular basis to keep yourself updated on the latest events/updates.
The Clan Rules thread MUST be read.

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