"We are here to turn this game from tedious to fun!"

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Hello and Welcome to your clan! We are a group of friendly people who enjoy each other's company while playing. Whether it's bossing, skilling or just afking, it doesn't matter. Nor does it matter if you are a talkative player or perhaps quiet, as long as you are having fun and enjoying yourself! Our main goal of this clan is to have fun.

- Do not beg for ranks or items.
- Do not swear at another member with malicious intentions.
- Do not discuss politics or religion.
- Do discuss your concerns about the clan with a {high rank} member.
- Do follow the guidelines runescape have.

Our ranking system is based on Xp:
Recruit 1k total
Corporal = 5m xp
Sergeant = 15m xp
Lieutenant = 40m xp
Captain = 80m xp
General = 120m xp
Admin+ = 200m +Approval from staff
-Note that Capping at the Citadel and Recruiting does not help you gain a rank faster, but it does however help you get a bigger chance of earning the ranks after general-

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Boomstiik Boomstiik Owner
PáLoser1 PáLoser1 Admin
doggerd doggerd Admin
IáamáHáiágáH IáamáHáiágáH Lieutenant
AlláIáAsk AlláIáAsk Lieutenant
Sraska Sraska Lieutenant
Veradas Veradas Lieutenant
Roznam Roznam Lieutenant
WhaleNado WhaleNado Lieutenant
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Luwh link to our Rec forum 04-Sep-2018 20:53
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