Ancient Altar

Ancient Altar

"Great things are not achieved by impulse, but by facing our limitations head on."

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Welcome to Ancient Altar! Where friendly, respectful support is offered and encouraged.

We are a highly active clan that strongly encourages capping in the citadel. Honesty, respect, and loyalty are our main focuses. We will not tolerate disrespect in the clan chat, period. We want everyone in the clan to have the best experience possible. Including you!

Guilded Altars-- We sometimes host in Yanille, for those who need G-altars. We do require you to have a glory (Quest Hall) next to your Chapel as well as an obelisk when hosting, however.

PvM (Player versus Monster)-- We very often host PvM events within the clan, including the God Wars Dungeon, Slayer tasks, Dungeoneering, and also looking for MORE KK/Nex voke/tanks![:

 Skilling, House Parties, Group Questing, etc-- Are you tired of skilling alone? Well, so are we. That's why you don't have to. Most members in the clan would love to have someone to talk to while skilling!

Clan Formed: 9/14/13

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