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Welcome to Apex Prime, the home of a family of players dedicated to being the best we can be! Here you will find a friendly population that enjoys PvM, Safe Pvp, Skilling, Citadel Management, and other Group Events. We strive to keep the Clan Chat as welcoming and safe as possible while still leaving room for some humor. Be sure to read the entire thread if you are a prospective or new member.

Owners: Smooches and Mr Traumatik

General Clan Information:

Requirements: 130+ combat and/or 2250+ total levels
Founded: April 14th, 2014
Clan Members: 270+
Citadel Tier: 7
Clan Avatars: 3
Homeworld: 85 and 139
Time Zone: WorldWide
Communication: Teamspeak3, Clan Chat, new Discord server!
QFC: 92-93-243-65749782

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PrimeLeader PrimeLeader Owner
Smooches Smooches Deputy Owner
LazyáJake LazyáJake Overseer
Morevran Morevran Overseer
4tháofáJuly 4tháofáJuly Overseer
CaptnáSam CaptnáSam Overseer
Smooshes Smooshes Overseer
InsaneáDave InsaneáDave Overseer
Nixyáv2 Nixyáv2 Overseer
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