"Veni Vidi est Mihi ( I came I saw It's Mine )"

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[Arab] is Arab's home Clan Chat in RuneScape. It was created in 12/8/2011.

*We are #1 Arab Clan in
           Total Xp [500mil+ Xp]
           Total Clan mates [100+ members]
           Highest K/Dr

*How to join the clan?

Just enter our Clan Chat [ Arab ] as a guest, then ask any of our Clan Members to invite you and he/she will immediately invite you.

*The Clan's Rules are posted in the clan forums (See Forum Section Clan Rules)

Anyone breaking one or more of our rules or in any way negatively, the results will be to get deranked from the clan chat. If you frequently break our rules or spam constantly you will be added to the Clan's Ban's List.

*If no admins are online and somebody is breaking a rule please screenshot it or even better video it and afterward send it to an admin.

Requirement: Being a cute ;* Arab Rs Player

* If you have any arab friends that aren't in the clan chat you can ask them to join the clan chat. This make the clan famous and more known in runescape.

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Top Clanmates

Aprycot Aprycot Owner
SkilláSwaper SkilláSwaper Deputy Owner
Alabbasi Alabbasi Deputy Owner
Annihilati0n Annihilati0n Deputy Owner
Kuwaity Kuwaity Deputy Owner
Guc Guc Admin
[#67PPWZGC3] [#67PPWZGC3] General
DarkáSouláQ8 DarkáSouláQ8 General
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Type Description World Date/Time
Clan meeting 11 11-Nov-11 11:00
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