Army of Darkness1

Army of Darkness1

""The Dead may fall to ashes but they will rise again another day" Blackflames9"

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We are more than a clan, we are a family and no one gets left out. We are an open minded clan and are willing to try new things. We like to have fun and make friends. We try to help each other when possible.
Every member is obliged to accomplish OUR mission.
The Army of darknessĺ mission:
To be the best that we can be*************************************; Join Us Now! > ------------------------------
Our requirements are:
combat level 10+
You must have black armour with holy symbol (preferibly black(t))

Fit and our requirement and you're interested in joining Army of Darkness1?
Log In (TOP RIGHT CORNER of the page) to our clan page and check out who is online (BOTTOM LEFT CORNER of the page).
Feel free to add them and ask for an invite! Or post an application on our application forum.


Forum Moderator & Administrator,

Bonus text:

We at army of dakrness1 have recently completed our talks and have decided to come out a better clan then what we are now.

Midgee :)

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