"Whether you're new, returning, or a veteran we would love to have you."

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Welcome all to Asthenia,
We are a new and starting clan. Currently, we are looking to expand our community. We put an emphasis on assisting players that are new or returning. We are firm believers that RuneScape is at it's best when played with others and that's what we're looking to do.

We have a dedicated discord and an active community. For those looking to grow with a clan and make a new community I would highly suggest giving Asthenia a try.

We strive on building a community that fits everyone. We are a friendly, lively and easy going bunch and as such don't take kindly to disrespect or prejudice of any kind.

We provide ways to excel within our great community see below:
Ranking system (XP/cap):

Corporal - 3M XP
Sergeant - 10M XP
Lieutenant - 30M XP
Captain -  50M XP
General - 100M XP
Admin - invite only

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