"World 12s Finest."

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Hey everyone welcome to the Autobats,
this is a Worldwide clan for those who want a social clan that only asks for it's members loyalty and help in the citadel.

World 12 & World 4

2000+ total level (1500+ for Skillers/ironmen)
Active Membership.
Positive Attitude.

Citadel Features
-Three Clan Avatars active.
-Tier 7 Citadel
- Clan Dragon

This is a friendly clan, We don't tolerate trolling or rule breakers of any kind this includes both clan rules and JaGex rules so anyone I don't see having a future in the clan may be kicked. You have been warned :P

Hope any new comers that think these words are fair and just, fit in with our group of skillers and killers.


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Top Clanmates

Bation Bation Owner
Thatchie Thatchie Deputy Owner
Iqooo Iqooo Deputy Owner
Sylor Sylor Overseer
Shove Shove Overseer
TerryPHick TerryPHick Coordinator
Queshaydala Queshaydala Coordinator
Vascoe Vascoe Coordinator
Sharkley Sharkley Organiser
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Bation Clan Earned Achievements 23-Feb-2017 13:09
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