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Welcome to Autumn Dusk's RuneScape clan page! We strive to provide our clan members with the best game experience possible. Autumn Dusk revives dead content with clan events and brings fellow clan members together to play current content. Enjoy a relaxed and easy-going clan chat while on the grind. There are no requirements to join and capping in the citadel is not mandatory.

Ranks up to Coordinator are experience-based, and goes as follows:
- Recruit - 0 exp; Received upon entry
- Corporal - 15m exp
- Sergeant - 50m exp
- Lieutenants - 100m exp
- Captains - 150m exp
- Generals - 300m exp
- Admins - 600m exp
- Organizers - 1b exp
- Coordinators - 2b exp
Overseer + is determined by leadership, based on merit.

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Wondersgal Wondersgal Owner
TheáUnseen TheáUnseen Deputy Owner
Adrienneáxo Adrienneáxo Deputy Owner
JesusKryst JesusKryst Deputy Owner
Lisaa Lisaa Deputy Owner
PapaáCody PapaáCody Overseer
SpaceáFarmer SpaceáFarmer Overseer
HelloáWitty HelloáWitty Coordinator
mortals101 mortals101 Coordinator
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lmáKyle Autumn Dusk 02-Aug-2022 04:57
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