"Hello! Social Clan, all are welcome, experienced or not. Here to have fun. "

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Welcome! We are B E A. We started off as a group of friends playing games together to make them more fun, and to this day we still follow that core idea. Playing alone can be boring, even just having someone to talk to makes it better.

We aim to create an environment in which everyone is comfortable. Anyone is welcome, from any background or skill range. We run regular skilling events, boss trips and fun events, none of which are mandatory. If you wish to come, you are welcome.

We actively use the avatar on our home world, but different situations can be accomadated (once you achieve a certain rank you are entrusted with the responsibility of the avatar). You can rank up in the clan by being an active member, this can be achieved through many means such as capping at the citadel, or simply being in the clan for a period of time.

Nothing is mandatory, nothing is required, we simply ask you be a nice person. :)

And remember, if anything goes wrong, blame Eggy_kf.

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