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Welcome to Black Moon Brigade!

Hey there fellow Runescapers, I want to ask  you all to take the time to check out our website and all the things we've prepared for you!

Bossing/Raiding: We all like to go bossing occasionally, there is currently no Hardcore bossing team assembled as of yet, but hopefully in the future we could look forward to seeing that.

Dungeoneering: We most certainly enjoy Dungeoneering as a clan and hopefully you do too! We look forward to having a 5-man premade clan group available to grind out those levels with people you enjoy being around!

Mini-games/D&D: Stealing Creation, Barbarian Assault, Demon Flash Mobs and all those other great minigames you love to play. We also hope to get an active team going for all of these! Casually of course.

Hopefully we can look forward to seeing all of you!

<<<>>>>Everything has been moved over to our official clan website<<<<>>>>

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