"We all need a place to belong, even when we feel alone, join us & make a friend!"

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Welcome to BloodVorteX

We are always recruiting!

We do our best to make the Runescape and clan experience fun and welcoming! We don’t require much, but do ask that you talk in clan chat, cap at the clan citadel, or recruit – or do all three.  Being an active and loyal member is appreciated, but we understand that real life comes first.

It’s important to us to respect and treat all members of our clan fairly and equally, so we have a strict no bullying policy; we want our clan to be a home where people can express themselves freely without being afraid of judgment. That being said, please be aware that our clan chat and discord regularly contain vulgarity, profanity, and cover controversial topics.

Clan Activities:

-Bossing and high tier pvm-ing
-Skilling assistance (all skills)
-Quest help
-Reaper tasks
-Building the Citadel
-Advice for dealing with real life situations

Thank You
Peace & Love!

~The People of BloodVorteX

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