Brotherhood Legends

Brotherhood Legends

"A clan is a Family, our Family. Heroes are remembered but legends never die."

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Welcome to Brotherhood Legends, where friendship and kinship is valued most.  We strive to grow and exceed all expectations laid before us.  The sky is the limit and were in it to win it.  Love within the community is the key to all clan community success.  Confide in each other and all is well.  May you find your home within our community.

(¸.•´ INFO:
(¯°•.Clan Owner: Sombie
(¯°•.Clan Originally Founded by LordBluBlood, October 1st, 2009
(¯°•.Home World: 9
(¯°•.Clan Time: Central American time (-6:00)
(¯°•. 3 J w H G N r    (remove spaces)

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Top Clanmates

LordBLuBLood LordBLuBLood Owner
xStompDownx xStompDownx Overseer
BL Hraka BL Hraka Organiser
Vancha Marsh Vancha Marsh Organiser
GodlySw4gg3r GodlySw4gg3r Organiser
Proselyte Proselyte Organiser
BL Zod BL Zod General
Cbaxter Cbaxter General
5YN7AX 3RR0R 5YN7AX 3RR0R General
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Clan Events
Type Description World Date/Time
Activities - Heist 9 26-May-17 03:00
Forum Posts
Author Thread Title Date
Sombie How To Rank Up! 08-Jan-2017 03:30
Lydia Dragon Clan Treasure Hunts 09-Sep-2016 05:14
LordBLuBLood General Discussion. 24-Aug-2015 03:13
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