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welcome, my name is word and thank you for reading this. i recommend you reading everything before you decide to join this clan.

About Us:
1. We are a Social Skilling, Slaying and PvMing Clan.
2. We are friendly and multicultural
3. Anyone can join
4. This clan was officially made on 2nd of June 2015
5. We reached 100 members in 6 days
6. Easy Going, relaxed and chill.

Requirements to Join:
1. There are no Skill requirements
2. Read all the rules
3. P2P Players ONLY (Current F2P members can stay)
4. Main Language is english

1. No Cussing
2. No Begging
3. Treat other clan members with respect
4. No scamming
5. Be honest
6. Be loyal
7. Be mature in a sensible manner.
8. No drama.
9. No spamming
10. No Racism
11. No botting
12. Follow RuneScape Rules

Ranking system:
Either any of the following:
1. Be in the clan for a long duration
2. Be Active
3. Capping Resources at the Citadel (not required)
4. Gain EXP
5. Trustworthy/ Loyalty

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