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Welcome to Canting.

We were first formed in the far distant past by a somewhat mythical being, who - save for in the minds of our older members - seems no longer to exist; the infamous Merch Gwyar. The name 'Canting' comes from a slang term for chatting; Canting is a chat channel in the most literal of senses.

At Canting, everyone is welcome. We're a very informal group of people, of all ages, skills, combat levels and interests. You'll equally find people killing cows straight out of Burthorpe as you will those soloing Nex; you'll find skillers, PKers and everyone in between, all canting away, while we do our thing.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to join our guest chat; we'll happily help you in any way we can. :)

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MercháGwyar MercháGwyar Owner
Teacuptime Teacuptime Deputy Owner
FredáGwyar FredáGwyar Deputy Owner
MsClick MsClick Deputy Owner
Warlock Warlock Deputy Owner
Oldmaroon Oldmaroon Overseer
Kaylaákins Kaylaákins Overseer
Respirte Respirte Overseer
A1exáB A1exáB Overseer
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Type Description World Date/Time
Meeting 22 23-Oct-14 18:00
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MsClick Clan Event Thread 09-Jun-2013 17:36
Chubbardá2 General Information 16-Feb-2013 17:32
Warlock Canting Recruitment Thread 12-Feb-2013 04:33
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