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Clan Europe

"2-4 events every week (PvP/fun). Warrers must be European. "

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We are a European based secondary clan, working on the basis of a country clan - this means multiclanning is allowed and most of the top clans permit their members to join Clan Europe (CE). We have been open for over 10 years now.

Our full member section events are mainly consisting of Clan Wars Arena (CWA) fights with other clans. A weekly fun event is often scheduled, mainly God Wars Dungeon trip or Corporeal Beast etc. Event times are GMT friendly, always. We are active on both RuneScape 3 and OldSchool RuneScape.

Our strength is good teamwork and strong experience from CWA. Everyone who meets the requirements are allowed to join as long as there is no No Honour background. In these cases applications might be refused.

Requirements are:

110+ F2P combat, with 80 Defence and 85 Ranged OR Magic.
Must have a Gravite 2H Sword
TeamSpeak 3 & SwiftIRC required.
Must live in Europe.
Must have a nice personality.

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