Clan Jaguar

Clan Jaguar

"Clanless? Ask me about Clan Jaguar, All levels welcome, No elitist attitude! :)"

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Clan Jaguar is currently the 2nd oldest living clan in Runescape, founded on 12 July 2001.

We are a mature Clan with a good mix of players specialised within skilling and PvM. Our only entry requirement is that you have a valid Runescape membership.
At this time we don't have mandatory activity requirements.

Feel free to join our discord by adding '/KrKVgqB' (no quotes) after the Discord URL, it's a great addition!

Our clan events can be found on our Discord Server and are updated multiple times each week. Anyone is more than welcome to host their own event & the Event team, Recruitment team or Council are happy to co-host. Some of our popular events include high-level and low-level PvM Training, Custom creative events, Various minigames, Skilling with optimised rates of experience, Giveaways.

We welcome anyone to guest within our clan chat to get a feel for what Clan Jaguar is about and also decide if this clan is for you. for info feel free to contact with Jaguar Andy or Abinja.

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AndyáUgh AndyáUgh Owner
FaeOfJupiter FaeOfJupiter Deputy Owner
EmmaáKitty EmmaáKitty Deputy Owner
AndyáUghh AndyáUghh Deputy Owner
Cabola Cabola Overseer
ThongáThief ThongáThief Overseer
KingLegolas KingLegolas Overseer
IDarkSauron IDarkSauron Overseer
xHeroáGirlx xHeroáGirlx Overseer
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Cabola Join Us! 03-Feb-2019 09:34
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