Clan Of RS Veterans

Clan Of RS Veterans

"We Are A Clan That Just Help Each Other Do Anything & Everything !"

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We are a clan that help our members do anything and everything !! from skills,quests,clues, anything you can think of we are all availble to help each other !

if you have any questions contact me the owner , or if u are thinking of joining us you can contact me or anyone in the clan that can invite you !

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WASP1488 WASP1488 Owner
Kid Ali D Kid Ali D Deputy Owner
Fishibis1224 Fishibis1224 Deputy Owner
Babyáwale Babyáwale Deputy Owner
XxáDeanooáXx XxáDeanooáXx Deputy Owner
[#HV36UWOU4] [#HV36UWOU4] Deputy Owner
gellyg7 gellyg7 Deputy Owner
Unique_Breed Unique_Breed Recruit
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