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Hi im now King Dantes the 2nd of runescape thank u gattuso36 and my sons Kvarlukh
and Mario5537 who will join our clan and check out his page we are on world 81 UK and mario5537 said search poo on itunes its weird and funny well all end ends well and im the palace of varrok
Oh and iff u need to know me im deputy owner and why the heck did gattuso change his name to bestest
ur cool suzie 16 and elitegirl254 when did u marry bestest cause he is emporer and i am dadadadada King

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Fate2803 Fate2803 Owner
[#AM5WYA9ZJ] [#AM5WYA9ZJ] Deputy Owner
Kvarlukh Kvarlukh Deputy Owner
Ceolin Ceolin Deputy Owner
xmcxm xmcxm Deputy Owner
Bigbrad18 Bigbrad18 Deputy Owner
[#WYP2NF4XN] [#WYP2NF4XN] Overseer
Xerokive Xerokive Overseer
[#HCD1HKKDL] [#HCD1HKKDL] Coordinator
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