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Community Social

"respect is earned,honesty is appreciated,trust is gained and loyalty is returned"

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Community Social Clan - here for the Community in Mind! We focus on Community Interaction and Support to players new and old while providing Official Events and Social opportunities as we grow as a Community and come together as a clan! This Clan is open to all players. Our clan provides various interactions, events and player help such as :
----- PVM (nex, kalphite king, gwd2  etc)
----- Minigames (soul wars, castle wars, etc)
----- Quest support
----- Community tech support

Note: Please Read the Clan Rules and Promotions Thread on our Clan Forum for more information. Please respect the rules provided with the Community in mind for each member.

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KAlt KAlt Overseer
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YellowBar3 YellowBar3 Admin
ScapeClassic ScapeClassic Admin
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Deadpyro6 Deadpyro6 General
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ScapeClassic Clan Introduction 05-Nov-2017 05:40
ItsaN0b0dy Clan Rules 13-Oct-2017 19:01
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