"07/02/12 - The End of an Era"

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The Corruption clan will be 8 years old on the 4th July weekend. We're one of the oldest runescape clans and have been competing in the top 5 and 10 on F2P for almost all of our existence.

No clan has ever rivaled Corruption's reign as the #1 clan and there hasn't been a more fierce rivalry than Corruption vs Divine Forces.

We've been through and seen more than any other clan in this game and we're still here competing in the top 5.

Google Corruption Clan or check us out on #cor on swiftirc.

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Fast993 Fast993 Owner
[#9AHFGW5KA] [#9AHFGW5KA] Deputy Owner
TomáCorrupt TomáCorrupt Admin
[#BOP61JOT5] [#BOP61JOT5] General
Tomrampage Tomrampage Captain
bápak bápak Lieutenant
Boeis Boeis Lieutenant
GreenPhoebus GreenPhoebus Lieutenant
Bigpinkpig Bigpinkpig Lieutenant
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PvP 93 30-Jul-11 21:00
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