Council of Elders

Council of Elders

"Where every chat is in the wrong window!"

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The Council of Elders is less of a clan and more a close group of friends who are most definitely older than the average player but certainly no less of a "noob" than a Lumbridge level 3. Mature in age but not in spirit :P

Unfortunately for you as a curious cat we are invite only :) But if we ever meet you in-game and you seem like a nice enough person you might be allowed to get lost in the Wilderness with us ^_^


"there are as many ways to get to warriors guild as there are elders trying to get there"

Alternate mottoes:
We tried, we cried, and we died!
Mentally incontinent from time to time.
Farts and Tarts with Big Hearts!

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Thrawn Thrawn Overseer
Mercifull Mercifull Overseer
depFrog depFrog Overseer
Lysistra0 Lysistra0 Overseer
VladáTheáOld VladáTheáOld Overseer
XenaáDragon XenaáDragon Overseer
Rejna Rejna Overseer
Amie Thyst Amie Thyst Overseer
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Special 119 05-Jul-15 19:00
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