Council of Iron

Council of Iron

"Talk, share, learn, and gain xp"

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Council of Iron is a clan excusively for regular and hardcore ironman accounts.  Our rules are simple: respect others and follow in-game rules.

The clan rank system is xp based:
Recruit - welcome!
Corporal - 10mxp
Sergeant - 25mxp
Lieutenant - 50mxp
Captain - 100m xp
General -250m xp

QFC for our recruiting thread 93-94-422-65710680

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the tried the tried Owner
Fe Rayce Fe Rayce Lieutenant
IronError812 IronError812 Sergeant
HardcoreCyan HardcoreCyan Sergeant
Saesa Saesa Sergeant
G R AE M E G R AE M E Sergeant
Matteeh Matteeh Sergeant
Gohn Gohn Sergeant
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Author Thread Title Date
CrystalField Penguins on wednesdays 28-Feb-2016 21:28
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