Crown Rebels

Crown Rebels

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This is us, we are the Rebels Invaders.

Although we aren't rebelling against any members of  government, other than perhaps Duke Horacio of Lumbridge, nor invading anyone personally, besides the odd pickpocket or two, we are a fully fledged, socially thriving, PVM clan.

Common activities include:
- Boss killing.
- Minigames.
- Skilling/merching.
& Random, memorable gathering... if you know what I mean.

Both F2P and P2P members are welcome to join the Rebels Invaders, however the majority of clan mates are subscribers. Which, is good because we can offer each other more help with bossing, quests, and all that fun jazz.

Hit the forums below to find out how to apply!

Welcome to the clan.
     ~ X Verax

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