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"Here to help you level faster! Multiple avatars, T7 Citadel, Chill Clan."

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Welcome to <C*rl Alt Delete> We are a chill clan devoted to helping you! Our avatar is up on W37 with the xp bonus running. We run flash demons, shooting stars, evil trees, big chinchompa, kalphite king / queen, god wars dungeon, corporeal beast, and anything else that seems profitable.

You will find that this clan is exactly what you make of it! If you want to boss 24/7 by all means do so, you'll have help. If you want to skill your butt off do so, you'll have help. There are no requirements, and only one rule no drama or asking for handouts on clan chat.

You may contact anyone online for an invite. Promotions are quick and directly related to clan contributions in the citadel and/or your activity and experience.
The list of our currently online members is to the right ---->

Feel free to contact us for an invite or more information.

- The Frog.

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