"All welcome tier 4 citadel, daily events, P.V.M. Clan"

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Welcome to DON! Journey along with us and know our glory. We have professional leaders, a beautiful website, friendly community, and fresh events. Our clan is unique because we actually care about the community unlike most large clans out there, we will pay attention to each member for their individual needs and try to see them fit. We would never apply things that may be harmful to clan mates or impact the clan in a negative way. What do you have to lose?
Owner - Chaotic Pvm

Deputies - Uuk Xul, Santa Dragon

Overseer - Thurp, AngelGrace7, Duel Finder, Zafran60

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01Duramax 01Duramax Owner
[#WZD9B23F1] [#WZD9B23F1] Coordinator
brewskilidas brewskilidas General
avh60 avh60 Captain
Steelhunter9 Steelhunter9 Lieutenant
Big Nate51 Big Nate51 Sergeant
[#SM9NWOCPT] [#SM9NWOCPT] Sergeant
[#A53ARS8EG] [#A53ARS8EG] Sergeant
[#JN162TVYM] [#JN162TVYM] Corporal
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