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"DoZ is a high-level-PvM clan. We teach RoTS, Araxxor, and Vorago. Join now!"

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Hello there and welcome to Disciples of Zaros! We are a 100+ combat or 1700 total+ level events clan that has been around for nearly 5 years and who believes in treating everyone equally. Our events are mainly boss hunting but we also do other fun mini-games! We run about three to four events per week. The only thing we ask is that you make an effort to attend events; it'll help you get to know other great people in this clan and maybe even get some good loot!

Rest assured, if you join this clan you won't regret it.

Chat - D O Z
Leader - 80years503
Forum QFC - 269-270-978-62713903

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80years503 80years503 Owner
EchnedáZekin EchnedáZekin Deputy Owner
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