Dark Dreams

Dark Dreams

"Never Underestimate the Power of the Dark Side."

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Dark Dreams is an established international Skilling/Social/Specialist Clan with a thriving community of quirky members and hard workers! Many larger clans think of their members as just a bunch of numbers- we are the opposite! With almost 500 members, and increasing every day, we still maintain a family like feel. Our clan chat is always active, and usually has an interesting conversation going on. Whether it's about IRL topics or game-play, the personalities present make it fun.

If we look like a clan you might want to join up with, feel free to guest in our chat and ask for an invite; we would love to have you in the family!


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Darkstar Darkstar Owner
DráNyx DráNyx Deputy Owner
Ebebu Ebebu Overseer
AusáTheáBoss AusáTheáBoss Coordinator
Grid188 Grid188 Coordinator
LazyáSword LazyáSword Coordinator
SpoopyáVibes SpoopyáVibes Coordinator
Verychaos255 Verychaos255 Organiser
MickMackk MickMackk Organiser
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Oldpaleblood Dark Dreams Official Thread 23-Aug-2019 04:06
PoisonáNova Clan Events 04-Jan-2016 03:51
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