Dark Ancients Gang

Dark Ancients Gang

"Hello!! Welcome to Dark Ancients Gang. Feel free to check out our Citadel ^^"

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We are a very laid-back clan. Anyone and everyone is welcome to ask to be invited into our clan. If you have any questions you can just message me or a clan member and we will help you out :) Thanks for visiting our page..

We also have a citadel that we are currently working on, almost at tier 2. So we need all the help we can get!!! Join the clan fellas ^^

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Al3em1nati0n Al3em1nati0n Owner
Ikillu247 Ikillu247 Lieutenant
T0MES T0MES Lieutenant
Overlord2244 Overlord2244 Lieutenant
[#FDWT7MO83] [#FDWT7MO83] Sergeant
Yodionpwns Yodionpwns Sergeant
Cody7715 Cody7715 Sergeant
Pekoni1 Pekoni1 Corporal
LegoáStacks LegoáStacks Corporal
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