Dark Necrosis

Dark Necrosis

"Necrosis Shall Conquer--- join as a guest for invite"

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Welcome to Dark Necrosis. We are a new clan full of veteran rs players who are all about pvm. If you like to dung, boss, slay or just kill monsters in general than this is the clan for you! Our clan focuses on conquering Gielinor's fiercest monsters and building our clan up so we can work together to achieve this goal. Many of us play old school and eoc. The official friends chat of Dark Necrosis for anyone on old school is 00NightAngel.

Do you wish to join? Check out our Recruiting Thread
Quick find code: 87-88-912-65342969

..:::::::::::::::::::.. Necrosis Shall Conquer! ..:::::::::::::::::::..

You are more then welcome to join our CC as a guest. If you do so please be respectful. Clan Chat- Dark Necrosis.

Official Clan Home Forum
Quick find code: 90-91-963-65342892

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NightáAngel NightáAngel Owner
Fadset Fadset General
73heavenlaw 73heavenlaw Sergeant
leviathan95 leviathan95 Sergeant
NiftyTaint NiftyTaint Sergeant
Xxx3135 Xxx3135 Sergeant
Purestr1244 Purestr1244 Sergeant
Blixxard Blixxard Corporal
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Special 179 07-Oct-14 20:30
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NightáAngel Home forum 26-Apr-2014 08:36
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