Dearly Departed

Dearly Departed

"We want no bs, we are all about the Biz. Oh and we Have Cookies(::)"

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We are a doing our best to become a bigger and better clan each day, and we welcome you!

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SmokinGrimys SmokinGrimys Owner
[#NG4D2PLX1] [#NG4D2PLX1] Deputy Owner
Christina710 Christina710 Corporal
[#Y9JP0U0TK] [#Y9JP0U0TK] Corporal
SálayGod SálayGod Corporal
[#B1RYSLNKS] [#B1RYSLNKS] Corporal
[#QJ0DFCVY1] [#QJ0DFCVY1] Corporal
[#MAL56S630] [#MAL56S630] Corporal
Saelryth Saelryth Corporal
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Type Description World Date/Time
Clan event - Clan Resource Gathering 21 26-Aug-12 11:30
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Author Thread Title Date
7CB Looking for Rated Members. 25-Jul-2012 22:57
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