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Hello and welcome to Deforestation. We are mainly an ironman clan but all account types are welcome. We are friendly to all skillers and pvmers and have a discord link in the
Clan Recruitment Thread in the forum posts section we like to have a chille and happy time :) hope to see you there.

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V egeta V egeta Owner
VsáAntman VsáAntman Deputy Owner
VsáTyler VsáTyler Deputy Owner
Mrfudgy Mrfudgy Deputy Owner
AlwaysPoor AlwaysPoor Overseer
flyingjosh flyingjosh Coordinator
saibamen saibamen Organiser
Nappa Nappa Organiser
R aditz R aditz Organiser
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Nappa Clan Recruitment Thread 21-Oct-2017 17:07
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